Spatial Modeling

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.
Navarre Beach, FL, USA

This was a large scale engineering project, awarded to Parson's Brinckerhoff. During the hurricane season, Navarre Beach, in FL was completely destroyed. Various techniques, such as berms were needed be designed in order to protect the property along the side of the beach. Using 3D and advanced programming utitlizing managed directx techniques the effectiveness of the berm was demonstrated to the county. The proposed berm was built and completed by October, ’06. In order to arrive at the quantities of sand fill, which was the basis for payment to the contractor, ArcGIS 3D analyst was used. The quantities were calculated and checked every week. Dredging was performed for every 500ft.The approximate costs of dredging were $60,000 for every 500feet. The total length of berm was approximately 5miles. Our consultant performed volumetric calculations and field inspections.