Spatial Solutions

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. has acquired expertise in providing Spatial Solutions in the following related business areas over the past decade.

  • Civil and Infrastructure Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Environmental Engineering and Management Industry
  • Surveying and Mitigation Industry
  • Business Intelligence Industry
  • Disaster Management Industry

 An effective spatial solution requires precise digital data. Collecting spatial information, transforming and analyzing this information requires expertise and knowledge with handling spatial information. Digitizing this information requires the knowledge of various co-ordinate system standards. Transforming this information in real world co-ordinates also requires knowledge of co-ordinate systems. Transforming spatial information from various digital formats also requires advanced knowledge of Spatial Data Transformation Standards (SDTS). Spatial community has grown over the decade with leaps and bounds. Spatial software’s are available for use in order to transform and analyze the spatial information. Various compliance practices have evolved in the spatial community, in order to make sure that, spatial data is easily transformable from one format to another.

Our professionals have developed and provided services in the various fields such as real time tracking for disaster management and emergency response management. Our professionals have also provided solutions on open source platforms. We are consistently upgrading our skills in order to serve our clients better.

We have developed a unique and integrated approach in providing spatial solutions right from Design to Implementation phase. Quality service is an integral part of our services. Large scale spatial solutions requires; dealing with, vast amounts of spatial data. This puts immense loads on even the most advanced hardware systems in the industry today.