Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.
Irvine, CA, USA

HazUS is the state of art geo-spatial software developed for the Federal Emergency Agency. HazUS is used extensively by FEMA in their day to day decision support analysis. It helps the department to envisage threats from natural disasters from Air, Water and Earthquake. It helps the department to respond quickly in large scale disasters. The software was developed using ArcObjects.

HazUS is a software used by Federal Emergency Agency for modeling and Risk analysis from major Hurricane, Flood, and Earthquake effects. FEMA required enhancement of the software. We worked on the Flood modeling aspects. Using ArcObjects, the logic for depth grid evaluation was developed. DepthGrid was developed based on a polygon input and a DEM (Digital Elevation models) provided by the user. The user can evaluate the amount of Flooding within the polygon within a few minutes and get a better realization of the Flood levels within the selected polygon.Removed an important bug in ArcGIS version 9.2 caused due to tolerance. In order to meet the given deadlines few team members worked more than 24hours at a stretch.

Flood modeling was dependant on the information extracted from the DEM. High quality DEM's gave better results. We are in the process of developing even better algorithms in order to model the damage from flood and major natural disasters. Geographical Infomation Systems(GIS) software play an important role in helping engineers model these complex processes.