Land Permitting

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

St. John’s river is the longest river in Florida. It’s managed mainly by the St. John’s River and Water Management District, FL. St. John’s River and Water Management District, FL, had a requirement for managing its permitting system, and property taxation system. Every land development project, has to fulfil the requirements of the water management district with regards to the, water conservation and water resources rules and regulations for SJRWMD. It was a web-based project. The user interface was designed to search by permit numbers or by house address, or by lat/ long. Based on the house address or the house address or the lat/long, the web interface zoomed to the appropriate location. ArcGISServer objects, mainly the webADF were utilized in this project. Licensing costs were, bared by SJRWMD. Data could be downloaded; by selecting appropriate extents for the features. The data could be downloaded in various formats including a PDF map document with the right scale. Our consultants he department in integrating the site, designing queries and enhancing the search results.