Computer Forensics

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

 The term “Computer Forensics” was coined back in 1991 in the first training session held by the International Association of Computer Investigation Specialists (IACIS) in Portland, Oregon.This science deals with the preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer evidence, and like any other forensic science, relates law and science.”

Analysis of digital data could relate to several aspects of the digital data:

  • comparative analysis of digital data
  • statistical analysis of digital data
  • forensic analysis of digital data
  • quantitative risk analysis of digital data
  • qualitative risk analysis of digital data.
  • Signature analysis
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Computer forensics

computer forensic science is a branch of digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal of computer forensics is to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of recovering, linking and understanding information.

Some of the important features of computer foresnsics /data recovery are:

  • Acquisition of Data.
  • Authentication of Data.
  • Analysis of Data.


Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. has been provided solutions to the Customs and Central Excise department as well as the income tax in the past. Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. has proven experience in providing forensic analysis support with decision making capabilities. Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. has been helping various government and private sector organizations in India as well as abroad, in providing forensic support and analysis tools and services. Over a period of years Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. has gathered expertise in providing simple as well as advanced forensic solutions.

Our teams are highly speciliazed in gathering forensic evidence from a site. We have the necessary tools for gathering and analyzing information collected. We understand the need for data collection, authentication and intrepretation in case of an legal audit trail.