Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

This product was developed entirely by our co-founder, Sheetal Rameshchandra Gawalpanchi. One of the important aspects of this project was to develop, and integrated detailed intersection modeling with EPA based software. Previously,engineers had to calculate, co-ordinates required by the EPA software's from maps. These co-ordinates are mainly associated with the intersection geometry and the receptor locations.

Using the AutoDesk Object model the software is integrated with EPA software's and AutoDesk software's. Co-ordinates are automatically pulled from a digital file as soon as the user clicks. Our co-founder had successfully designed an interface to edit; the pulled coordinates which was a difficult task.Coordinates are directly fed into the EPA software’s. CALQCAD, directly runs the EPA, softwares, and presents the modeling results on to spatial interface.This reduced the analysis time from about 2 days on large scale projects to a few hours.

The software is protected under the US Copyrights 1-176873554. The software came into conception with the idea from our co-founder Sheetal Rameshchandra Gawalpanchi. The software was designed , developed, implemented and tested successfully by our Co-founder Sheetal Gawalpanchi. Professors at the University of Central Florida, Environmental Engineering department tested it. Several other ideas are under development based on the Air Quality analysis and evaluation requirements. Our co-founder Sheetal Rameshchandra Gawalpanchi already has a new version of the software designed. At present the software is being further developed to support other open source spatial systems like Quantum GIS (QGIS).

We are consistently designing Air Quality solutions and updating them, to keep abreast with the USEPA regulations.We are interested in developing Macro, Micro scale modeling softwares for the Government of India. Several studies are already under progress, collection of data is an important aspect in air quality modeling. Based on these studies and data a new version of the software would be developed for Asia, particularly India.