Air Quality ALDOT

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.
Department of Transportation, AL, USA

Our consultant has helped the Alabama Department of Transportation on behalf of University of Central Florida, USA in developing spatial air quality modeling tools. Alabama Department of Transportation had requirement for modeling Air Pollution from vehicu emissions. One of the aspects of the project, was to use existing modeling software's provided by EPA(Environmental Protection Agency). Any given, transportation project has a requirement for performing Air Quality impact studies.The software allows the Department of transportation to screen traffic intersections, for Carbon Monoxide(CO) limits. The software was configured for various parameters required by the EPA software such as temperature, humidity etc. The software was also spatially integrated other transportation engineering softwares. Our Consultant had successfully, handled the project and presented it on schedule We at Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. are acquainted with the state of the art planing and design system required on transportation engineering projects. These projects not only take into consideration the traffic density, noise planning, but also take into consideration the air quality impact from large scale development.