Aerial Mapping

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.
Orange, County, FL, USA

Orange county, FL, had a requirement for aerial mapping. Collecting the spatial data for the mapping project was an essential task. Our consultant coordinated with the teams in order to set up the planning, implementation and deployment of the plans. Trimble 5700, 5800 receivers were used for the project. The GPS equipment was customized for collecting the data using Visual Studio and Trimble development kit. Static sessions of 45minutes each about 8 months were run in order to collect data and establish bench marks. Quality data was an essential aspect of this project. 3D data was collected from sites. Establishment of ground targets was an essential aspect of this project. Aerial data collection requires the establishment of targets on ground, for the convenience of flight path and imagery collection spots. 3D data was collected around each target at an accuracy of .08 foot. This data helped in the ortho-photo rectification of the raster data collected. This was a good quality assurance and control practice. Our professionals are highly trained in aerial mapping projects. We assure you the highest quality data capturing in aerial mapping projects.

The entire project was completed before time and as per the established schedule. The 3D data was collected within 90 days using Trimble 5600 and 5800 recievers.GLONASS satelites were used in the data collection project. A set of 7-12 satelites were used in the data collection. This helped us maintaining a high accuracy in spatial data collection. PDOPS correction was done each day after the spatial data collection. The corrected data was analyzed using Trimble softwares integrated with AutoDesk's AutoCAD and ArcGIS Desktop.