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Welcome to Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd.

Equinox Logic Pvt. Ltd. is a company innovating the latest technologies in various fields.  We are consistently engaged in helping our customers in developing solutions efficiently. With experts from engineering as well as software, its possible for us to develop solutions with an added advantage. We realize the importance of innovating to benefit our clients. At present we offer products and solutions in the geo-spatial sector, Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as Computer Forensics. We have been providing spatial solutions with focus on spatial survery, spatial modeling, spatial integration, spatial tools development. Visit our spatial solutions division in order to know about our capabilities.

With offices based in Nagpur, and nagpur being centrally located it is possible for us to provide services all over india easily. With branch offices located in Mumbai and Pune it is possible for us to keep in touch with our clients around the world. We have an excellent quality assurance and quality control system. The solutions we deliver are cross-checked to the clients requirements, at every intermediate event till the final delivery.

Solutions and Products offered

Spatial Solutions Computer Forensics Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Water Treatement plants design and implementation
  • Environmental systems modeling
  • Waste Water Treatment systems design and modeling
  • Environmental Risks assesment
  • Air Quality control systems design
  • Macro and Micro scale Emissions modeling
  • Solid waste control systems design and management
  • Fate and contaminant transport modeling
  • Geo-technical analysis
  • Soil Remediation
  • Intelligent Transportation systems design and integration